Methods of selling

There are several methods available for selling your home. The following is a brief outline of:

  • For Sale by Open Listing
    When you list your home with more than one real estate company it is known as an "Open Listing". Each company deals with the seller and basically work against the others to sell the property. Only the selling agent is paid commission on the sale of the property.

Many real estate companies will not advertise or market open listings because of the need to make a quick sale rather than a well negotiated sale to the most suitable purchaser.
Many sellers feel that by listing their home with more companies, they will access more buyers. This, in fact, is not the case. Buyers "shop around" for houses. If your home is marketed correctly, the buyer will find it.

  • For Sale by Exclusive marketing
    Exclusive marketing arrangements give best results to sellers because the real estate consultant has the exclusive responsibility for the sale and can invest time, expertise and money into the marketing effort for your home. (Note: an exclusive marketing package may be sale by Auction, Tender or a No Price method of marketing. All are exclusive arrangements).

At present, most homes in your area sell within a reasonably short time. Often they sell much more quickly but sometimes it is necessary to give enough time for persistence to pay off. We usually suggest a marketing programme be put in place for a 120 day exclusive agency.

  • Auction
    Auction has been around for hundreds of years as a way of selling all sorts of things. When it comes to Real Estate, auction is gaining momentum as the preferred way to sell across Australasia. When there is an identifiable excess of demand, an auction has no peer.

Auctions can attack the market both in a buyers market or a sellers market. In a sellers market where there are few homes to sell and many buyers, it will give sellers a higher price. In a buyers market where there are many homes for sale and fewer buyers, you may attack the market and therefore save valuable time.

The Property Market

Given the difficult economic times we are experiencing at the moment, it is interesting to note that the property market is performing well. But it is important not to generalise as the property market is made up of a number of segments. For example, the investor is buoyed by the rising rents and lowest ever vacancy rate as well as low interest rates. First home buyers are also encouraged by the generous government grants, with many now looking at established property as a stepping stone to getting a foothold on property. In other words, first home buyers are not all focused on newer property as you are led to believe.
Reports regarding the state of the Property Market are confusing. You can read a headline telling you that the news is good and another the same day saying it is not so good! With respect to the media they often base these statements on the only information available to them in the form of reported statistics. Although this data is supplied by reliable sources it is not necessarily relevant for several reasons. For one thing, often these statements are based on a very brief period of say 3 months, which really does not portray a true picture. Also, there are too many variables to consider such as location, quality of home, size of land, etc.. etc.. In other words you need to 'compare apples with apples'.

Private sale

The majority of Keith Williams sales are made privately. Many people are surprised to learn this, but the great marketing exposure given to properties that are auctioned often overshadows our fantastic private sale results. At Keith Williams we have an impressive database of people waiting to purchase.

Auction Success Rate

There are fewer auctions at the moment and agents should be selective in recommending an auction. For this reason our 'clearance rate' continues to be high in our market. If you have a special property or one that will generate plenty of interest, it may be appropriate to sell through the auction method of sale.

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